Preparation for holiday bazaar

It looks like the wedding Rush is over and my shop is slowing down a bit. 

In preparation to craft fair, I bought a greeting card stand! 

 I’m new to displaying my stuff so I figured this would be one of the easiest ways to add height and make it easily viewable.  Also, it’s helpful to me to see all the empty slots. It makes me want to fill them and helps me get motivated to create!  

Doing  this for the first time can be costly.I think there are many creative ways to not spend money but with a baby and other things going on, I’m not sure I’ll have time to think about display & making my stuff. Hopefully I can sell enough to make up for it.

Though, I’m thinking of this as an opportunity and not expecting to make a fortune. It would be a great learning experience to be able to see customers reactions and talk to them. I rarely get to do that online. 

Hopefully I like it enough to do it again next year and I would expect it to get easier and easier:)more updates to come…:)


Craft show!


So this year I applied to be a vendor at a local holiday bazaar, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been accepted! YAY!!

I’ll be selling greeting cards and things I don’t normally sell in my shop to appeal to a different audience.

I’m so excited for this new opportunity and challenge. I rarely get to sell in person, and setting up a booth seems like a whole new art.
I’ll be busy getting ready for the next couple of months!


Here is the info: (actually not a craft show but a holiday bazaar)


Badger Mountain School Holiday Bazaar

December 5th, 8:00am-4:00pm

At Badger Mountain Elementary
1515 Elementary Street – Richland, WA 99352
Admission: Adults $3.00 – Children 12 and under FREE



If you are near, hope to see you there!

Fall is here!

Can’t believe it’s fall!  I love this time of year. The weather is just right, and being able to enjoy a hot coffee in the morning is so relaxing.

And it’s finally getting nice enough to go on a stroll. A perk of living close to a river:)Nice walk along the river

September was a busy month for Bluefin Works.  Last year’s peak month was July, but this year, it looks like it is September. Not sure why…maybe off-season weddings are getting more popular? I’m certainly liking it. It feels a bit more relaxed that it is a bit more spread out.

Since I deal with events, think that it would be slower from here on this year up until march or so. Time to create new products, and really work on social media! Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas for new and fun party themes!

3 years!

I’m a bit late, but Bluefin Works had a birthday a few weeks ago. Woot!!

3 years ago, around midnight one day I nervously clicked on the magic button on Etsy and my shop was officially open for business.

Unlike most sellers, I didn’t have a job to support my expenses since I had just moved after getting married. I only had savings which wasn’t a lot, but without a prospect of a job, it was a perfect opportunity to start something new.

I really love my work. Every project and customer keeps me excited about creating, and it’s so much fun being a part of special events around the world.

It was difficult at first, but I’m so happy I took that leap three years ago.

I want to thank my family and friends that supported me through it all.

And a special thanks to Rie, the newest member in our Bluefin team who also made us the beautiful peach cake (YUM!!) and  my husband Josh, and my good friend Sarah (who are both also a part ofthe Bluefin team) for believing in me since the beginning!

Here are some pictures from our company birthday party:)


Happy Mother’s Day!


Today was my first Mother’s Day as a mother.

This morning josh was talking to Mae and was saying “please hold this” in Japanese. I thought he was playing with a toy but they came over to me and handed me this

Mae had the perfect smile on her face and my heart just melted. I guess josh held the pen with Mae and wrote it. Too… Sweet!!

A photo collage of our family. What a perfect gift..:) so blessed!!

Today also happens to be the day Mae turns 4 months. Time flies and Mae is growing so fast!! She looks so different from when she was born and every day she is discovering something new. Her new thing is to blow air/bubbles from her mouth, and making different sounds with her voice.  Fun fun!!

We ran into one of Josh’s student’s parents at Costco and since they saw us for the first time since Mae was born, they asked if parenthood was just as we imagined it would be. It was a difficult question to answer so I said something like “we’re learning so much”, but I think my answer should have been that it was very different from what I imagined it to be.

I thought that being a mom means I’m going to show my baby the world I know so well, and teaching her all I already know. But instead, it was almost the opposite.

The first time I went out with Mae after her birth, I had no idea what I was doing and I felt so scared to be outside as if I’ve never been outside before. And every time I do anything new with Mae, I see it from a different perspective and discover something new with her. For example, she discovered the trees and the leaves that make wonderful sounds in the wind recently. She’s so amazed by them and gets so excited. Things I never looked at before Mae is all of the sudden so interesting.

  Motherhood/ parenthood to me, is not all about showing and teaching your child, but learning everything all over again, with the help of your child. 
I’m very blessed and so thankful to be given an opportunity to be a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there and a special shoutout to my mom who experienced all my “firsts” with me. Love you! 

The products after it leaves my workshop


Today, I got a Thank you post card from a couple that got married and used my product in their wedding.
It made my day!!  It was so cool to see the beautiful pictures of the couple and the beautiful venue.

It’s rare that I get a card like that, but when it does, it really makes me happy.

It’s also fun when customers update me or I get some kind of notice of how the product was used in their event. I feel like even though my job is to create the products and ship it off, my product is finally complete when it is displayed by my customer. It’s like a collaboration!

I realized I never share these wonderful decorations on my blog, so here are some recent ones. Enjoy!

If you use one of my items in your event, I’d love to see some of your pictures so don’t hesitate to send them to me:)

Taxes done, on to new projects!

I think I say this every year, but my least favorite part of having a business is doing taxes.  It just makes me… want to flop into my bed and hide underneath the blankets and fall asleep.

This year we had someone do it for the first time, and it was a bit less stressful, but we still owed a ton. I’m finally realizing I need to get more organized in finances. So I invested in online accounting service.  Now next year should be a breeze! .. Well hopefully.

Anyway, now that that’s over, I get to work on exciting new projects!

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is to do a photoshoot of my items together. Such as do a set up of a whale party theme showcasing my whale garlands, favor boxes, and whale place cards.. etc, and put them together so my customers can visualize them in party setting. It’ll also get me to think about what other products I need to make to be able to set up a whole party and make it look amazing so they can take the guess work out of party decoration.

So the big project of the weekend was making backdrops!

Well, it’s a good thing I don’t sell products I sew. I’ve made many many mistakes, and the stitches are pretty embarrassing, but I think it turned out ok in the end! (Or at least the parts that will be visible in photos:)


And an added bonus… we can snap baby photos with fun backgrounds too!

Stay tuned for more!