Happy new year!

Thank you to all my customers, friends, and family for all the support last year! We’re so excited for what the new year will bring to Bluefin Works.

This year, as the shop owner, my goal is to try new things. I hope to open a new shop with home decor items hopefully soon, and hoping to put more effort in my online presence. 

My baby Mae is turning 1 this month, and it will be a big challenge to learn how to balance being a mom and growing my shop. She is a handful but I know that we are blessed to have a job that allows me to be flexible with her, so I’m very thankful:)

Another exciting addition…  We ordered a laser cutter that will hopefully arrive soon.  This should open up a whole new area of possibilities and that should be a lot of fun..:) still waiting for the order to dispatch- updates to come. 

A little late but here is a picture of Mae’s first Christmas photo. Not sure about Santa yet:) 



Another holiday announcement

I will be out of town from december 22-January 4th so any orders placed from the 21st will start processing the 5th. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for your understanding! 

Happy holidays!! 

Postal Delay Announcement

Dear Customers,

It looks like the weather has caused some problems in the Spokane postal facility where all the mail goes through from here, and some packages are being delayed.


I do not have much info at this point, but will keep you updated if and when I do.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I will be happy to refund any guaranteed package that did not get there on time.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Craft show day!

 I was so anxious the past few days and I barely got any sleep last night, but this day has finally come! 

I got as ready as I could, and with the help of Sarah and Josh, I set up my booth successfully. For my first booth ever, I am sooo darn proud!!


 The pillows are made by my mom who has been proactively helping me with some new designs in my new shop (in the works) and I think it added a lot to my shop! 
It was really fun talking to customers and seeing their reaction to my items. Many fun conversations, many many compliments. It was a really fun day! 
I didn’t have a great location, ( my booth was not really visible from the door, and the room was the farthest down the hall), 

But I think I did pretty well for that. I created just about enough that sold, ran out of some things and I’m overall happy with how I did. 

Would I do it again? I’m not a hundred percent, but I think so. It was very difficult to coordinate timing of things with baby Mae ( josh was a A++ daddy today), and it was a lot of work prepping, but I think once I did the first one, it would only get easier and cheaper from here. A lot of the work was how to display the items, getting the table cloth etc. 

Anyway, I had fun. 

Thank you to the staff and organizers at Badger Mountain Elementary school. They were on top of the game for everything and were so friendly and fantastic!! 

Thank you Rie for having a booth next to me, it made my first craft show much more fun. Thank you to all of my friends that visited me today and brought me snacks and coffee!! And special thanks to Sarah and Josh and Mae(?)  for your help today. It was impossible without you guys!!


Craft show prep!

Tomorrow is the set up day for my first craft show!

I’m not quite ready!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be though. 

It’s so hard to figure out how many things will sell, or what will sell since it’s my first time.


Set up will be a bit challenging with a baby especially, and this snow doesn’t help either! Thankfully Sarah will be able to help me and hopefully it will all go smoothly!

  Mae sledding for the first time. She wasn’t enjoying it at all! Haha.

Birthday Party!

On Halloween, we had a joint birthday party for my two dear friends’ one year olds (one day apart).

I had the honor of helping with party decorations and the few weeks leading up to it have been so much fun preparing!

When I got pregnant with Mae I didn’t have many friends here, but within a few months into my pregnancy, I met these two girls who also happened to be pregnant.. CRAZY! They are both Japanese like me too (which is pretty rare here),  I just feel so blessed to have them in my life (along with all our little ones now:)). This birthday celebration was one that was very close to my heart:) Happy Birthday Lyllia & Hana!

Also, an added bonus, I got to help prep for a significant birthday party in person. Though I make a living on party decorations, I don’t get to attend the party, or even help set up what I made. So it was a very interesting experience. I got to see the whole process, and it was a very good learning experience for me.

Here are some pictures from the 1st birthday party!  Garlands and fans styled by me and the Number 1 hand crafted by the hosts Marie and Shinya


M and S’s taste and styling skills are amazing (Which explains their beautiful house), and I learned a lot from how they decorated with some of the pieces I’ve made.


Paper flowers made by M&S- Beautiful! I’m going to have to try this one out..DSC_0802

3D Paper Bats styled by S


Felt Crowns made by Rie.. HAND MADE! Just.. wow. DSC_0743

It was an amazing party! 


Happy birthday!

Preparation for holiday bazaar

It looks like the wedding Rush is over and my shop is slowing down a bit. 

In preparation to craft fair, I bought a greeting card stand! 

 I’m new to displaying my stuff so I figured this would be one of the easiest ways to add height and make it easily viewable.  Also, it’s helpful to me to see all the empty slots. It makes me want to fill them and helps me get motivated to create!  

Doing  this for the first time can be costly.I think there are many creative ways to not spend money but with a baby and other things going on, I’m not sure I’ll have time to think about display & making my stuff. Hopefully I can sell enough to make up for it.

Though, I’m thinking of this as an opportunity and not expecting to make a fortune. It would be a great learning experience to be able to see customers reactions and talk to them. I rarely get to do that online. 

Hopefully I like it enough to do it again next year and I would expect it to get easier and easier:)more updates to come…:)