Craft show!


So this year I applied to be a vendor at a local holiday bazaar, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been accepted! YAY!!

I’ll be selling greeting cards and things I don’t normally sell in my shop to appeal to a different audience.

I’m so excited for this new opportunity and challenge. I rarely get to sell in person, and setting up a booth seems like a whole new art.
I’ll be busy getting ready for the next couple of months!


Here is the info: (actually not a craft show but a holiday bazaar)


Badger Mountain School Holiday Bazaar

December 5th, 8:00am-4:00pm

At Badger Mountain Elementary
1515 Elementary Street – Richland, WA 99352
Admission: Adults $3.00 – Children 12 and under FREE



If you are near, hope to see you there!


KyaryPamyuPamyu- A Quick trip to Seattle

Ever since we went to Japan in December,  Josh has been super into KyaryPamyuPamyu – A crazy japanese Pop singer.

What’s crazy about her? See for yourself:

She’s super cute and perfectly weird, and her songs are SO catchy!
She’s starting to attract attention and getting popular in the US too, and Seattle was her first stop in her U.S. Tour.


We found out a few days ago that she will be in Seattle (over 3 hours away from here), so we made a spontaneous decision to take a super quick trip to Seattle to see her yesterday.


So much energy and just pure fun! We were dead tired by the time we got home past 2 am, but it was all worth it!

My brain is recharged, inspired for new and different ideas 🙂


Happy Valentines day!

Birthday Weekend Fun

Thanks everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! It was low-keyed, but definitely suited for a last birthday in my 20s.

I received a few surprise deliveries and phone calls that made me appreciate all the people that have been my support over the years, and Josh took me out to one of our favorite restaurants here.
Then our friend Sarah and the kids took me to pick some apples, peaches, nectarines and grapes- Now our house is FULL of fruits!

The grape vineyard is run by an honor system. SO cool! you pick, you weigh, and you put money in the box. I LOVE IT!!

I guess it’s kind of a secret place that only locals know..

I was looking at these pictures, and I was thinking.. they look kind of vintage.

Then it occurred to me, the word vintage comes from vineyard and grapes. whoa…. so this is the real vintage…boom!

Wanted to post pics of the deliveries but my computer is not behaving so will do that later..

One thing…

There are many things that I miss about San jose that Tri-cities doesn’t have like Japanese/asian supermarkets, good restaurants etc. But I may have found one thing I’ll miss about here when I leave.

Dutch Bros coffee!  I’ve only had their iced flavored coffee but I love it!

It’s not anything like starbucks, or peet’s, which I like for when I feel like normal coffee. (speaking of which, I miss having peet’s around too.) I feel like whenever I order say.. iced macchiato at starbucks, theres not enough coffee in it- like I’m drinking milk with a hint of coffee.

I like Dutch Bros. ratio of their flavoring and milk and coffee… it’s so yum. This one is the annihilator (don’t know how to spell)- with macademia nut flavoring…

It’s a small drive-up stand which is cute, with tiny menu that you can only see when it’s your turn to order. So you get there and you have to awkwardly and quickly make your decision what to order. I guess it must only be a newbie problem.

Anyway, you gotta try this place if you’re ever in the NorthWest!

Good food, enjoy the water, and donuts

I think I can finally say I’m getting to know the area better! This weekend was definitely one of the most eventful weekends since i moved here.

A new family friend had her birthday so we were invited to a dinner at a beautiful local winery (Apparently this area is huge on wineries) where they served food from one of our favorite restaurants on friday. Local winery, check.

 Then the next day they invited us to join them on their boat to go waterskiing!

It was our second time on the columbia river (first time we went jet skiing with my bro Kohei). It was my first time trying, and it was soo much harder than it looks! Josh was able to get up on the water and enjoy a long ride on the skis, but I couldn’t. It was so close! but I’m super satisfied. I want to post my video of me making an epic fall. waiting for josh to send the video… ahem.

Waterskiing, check.

Sunday, we felt like donuts (and didn’t feel a bit guilty about it), so Josh took me to a local donut shop that caught me by surprise.. It was sooo good! totally unexpected. Light, and crispy on the outside.

Finding a favorite dessert place (?) , CHECK!

Hydro Races!

This weekend was the Tri-cities’ (the area we live in) biggest event- the hydro races!

It was my first one ever.. and I’ve never really knew what hydros are until now. Apparently it’s like nascar on the water. These things have jet engines, and they go really fast… and they’re really loud.. and they make a wall of water columns after they pass. It reminds me of the Las Vegas water shows where the water shoots up in synch with music like the Titanic, and every time those boats passed, I kept wanting to sing the theme song to the titanic. Haha.


Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on~~

Anyway, it was like a huge party, with bunch of food stands out and lots of not so pleasant to look at half naked people. It was fun, but it made me miss all my friends and family. I wish all my friends were here with me there. It was just that kind of event.

I guess Josh will do for now. haha.

Us infront of the Degree hydro. It’s huge! And thanks for the samples of Men’s Degree! It’ll be a souvenir for my brother and bro in law. 😀