Mae is 1! Peter Rabbit themed birthday party

SOEK2266I cannot believe how fast one year went by!

First year of parenthood was full of many new discoveries, and lots of fun.
It’s a weird feeling-It’s so sad to see my little baby grow but I’m happy and thankful at the same time. She is walking, starting to understand words, and showing all kinds of personality (lots of dancing and babbling) !

Though I do lots of 1st birthdays for my clients, I think I finally understand why 1st birthdays are so special.

This is the first time we get to get together and celebrate the baby’s birth.
When the baby is born, it’s super busy, let alone we are constantly exhausted, so it’s really no time to put together a party. 1st birthdays are a great time as we are starting to get a hang of it.

…And it’s a great excuse to go overboard, haha.

So last Saturday, with the help of amazing and talented friends and family, we had a joint Peter Rabbit themed birthday party for Mae and friend, Luca who is only 6 days older than Mae.

Joint birthdays are great.. we can share the work, and double the fun! I really enjoyed working with Luca’s parents along with other close friends (named below under credits), and the party was a huge success!


Happy Birthday Mae & Luca!


Credits and details:



Flower decor: Marie, Noriko, Rie  (Marie made majority of it.. I have to ask her how she made it!) Made of tissue paper

Cabbage: Shinya  made of dyed coffee filter and round paper mache balls (idea credit here)

Garlands, small signs :Bluefin Works (me)


Cake: Rie (she used 14 eggs!) It was sooo perfect!

Cake toppers/ cupcakes: me (fondant) idea credit from this pin

carrot pretzels: Noriko

White chocolate carrots, punch: Josh’s Mom

Marshmallow pops, popcorn: I Love Candy by Luci




Craft show!


So this year I applied to be a vendor at a local holiday bazaar, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been accepted! YAY!!

I’ll be selling greeting cards and things I don’t normally sell in my shop to appeal to a different audience.

I’m so excited for this new opportunity and challenge. I rarely get to sell in person, and setting up a booth seems like a whole new art.
I’ll be busy getting ready for the next couple of months!


Here is the info: (actually not a craft show but a holiday bazaar)


Badger Mountain School Holiday Bazaar

December 5th, 8:00am-4:00pm

At Badger Mountain Elementary
1515 Elementary Street – Richland, WA 99352
Admission: Adults $3.00 – Children 12 and under FREE



If you are near, hope to see you there!

3 years!

I’m a bit late, but Bluefin Works had a birthday a few weeks ago. Woot!!

3 years ago, around midnight one day I nervously clicked on the magic button on Etsy and my shop was officially open for business.

Unlike most sellers, I didn’t have a job to support my expenses since I had just moved after getting married. I only had savings which wasn’t a lot, but without a prospect of a job, it was a perfect opportunity to start something new.

I really love my work. Every project and customer keeps me excited about creating, and it’s so much fun being a part of special events around the world.

It was difficult at first, but I’m so happy I took that leap three years ago.

I want to thank my family and friends that supported me through it all.

And a special thanks to Rie, the newest member in our Bluefin team who also made us the beautiful peach cake (YUM!!) and  my husband Josh, and my good friend Sarah (who are both also a part ofthe Bluefin team) for believing in me since the beginning!

Here are some pictures from our company birthday party:)


New year greeting and a new addition

Happy belated new year! This year has already turned into an exciting and memorable year for me. Just over a month ago, we had our baby Mae!! We are so excited, and enjoying this new addition to our life.

The delivery was a little bit of a rough ride, but she is doing very well, and my recovery has been smooth as well;)

I had to close my shop once I started going into labor, but I managed to start working the day after I came home, and hopefully, not too many of my customers were affected by this short break. In fact, some customers that have contacted me during those days were super understanding and supportive, and were so kind in congratulating me. It just reminds me how lucky I am. I mean, what job would let me be so flexible?

I was completely honest with my customers the entire time- from about a month before I had my baby, I told my customers that I may be gone for a few days and I don’t know when that would be because it would depend on when the baby decides to come. Most of my customers are planning their once in a lifetime event, so I’m sure that can be frustrating, but all of them were so understanding and some even worked around my schedule. I usually don’t like to put them in that situation, but this time, it was extremely helpful and amazing. So, thank you, thank you, thank you all for being so patient!!

As of right now, the transition has been pretty good. The sleepless nights? We never really got extremely sleep deprived because somehow the baby knew from the beginning that night time is night time. Most of the nights she wakes up to eat, then goes back to sleep. She’s a trooper!

I work when my husband Josh comes home, and I try to send items out as soon as possible so I don’t get behind. I think my processing time on average is actually even shorter than before I had my baby:) I’m sure there will be changes once the baby starts to be more awake during the day, but I have some helpers that are more than skilled to take on some of the tasks so I am confident I will be able to continue my shop;)

Thank you so much for all your support and look forward to contributing to your amazing events this year again:)

Getting things ready (and Holiday announcements)

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

I’m not quite there yet.. Still have to find the turkey and finish planning meals!

But for my job, I have to skip ahead and be ready for Christmas!

Stocking up for the holidays are fun, but to change things up a bit, I designed a new product– a reindeer display to decorate your Christmas Table or Mantle 🙂


These are perfect on our mantle as they can be spread apart and displayed however we want them to!  The funny thing is, I tried them out yesterday, and depending on how I angled the legs, it looked like the reindeers were prancing around a bit!

How? Well, apparently, our heater’s air circulation path goes to the mantle, and since the weight of the paper is so perfect it gave a perfect nudge on them enough to vibrate them without toppling them over or moving them. Neat! (That effect is not guaranteed to work unfortunately for every house.. haha)

New item

Reindeer Mantle Decor


Speaking of getting ready, I just had my 33 week prenatal appointment. It’s difficult to predict when exactly the baby is going to decide to come, but I will most likely close my shop for a bit when that time comes. Again, it’s hard to say  exactly how long, but I’m hoping to re-open or at least start to take orders within a few weeks with the help of great assistants.

It would most likely be at the end of the year past Christmas or at the beginning of the next year, so just a heads up for someone that may be planning to order around then.

It’s coincidentally the SLOWEST time for my business from past years, so hopefully it won’t affect too many customers.  It’s funny how that worked out. This baby is a great planner!

But if you do have questions or concerns during that time, I will be sure to check my Etsy messages and emails often, and will keep you updated as well.


Thank you so much for your understanding!

‘Tis the season..

woodland-garland2It’s been pretty slow since the wedding season is officially over, but christmas orders have started trickling in.. Wow!

Christmas orders are coming in almost a month earlier than last year. I wonder why??


Last year, my Christmas trees have been featured on the InStyle Magazine, so it got quite crazy (especially since we went on a vacation also), but this year, I have no idea what to expect!

I guess I should prepare for the worst (also best) case scenario 😉


I’ve been seeing ads for local craft shows coming up this month, and with the arrival of Etsy’s new card swipe machine in the mail,  the seed has been planted in my head.

I think I want to do a craft show next year!!

I know I’m not the typical craft show vendor, so who knows how much would sell, but I think it would be a fun project!! The more I think about it, the more I think I need to prepare, but I can see it being a really fun especially since this time of year is the slowest time for me.

The big question is.. would I be able to do it with a 11 month old baby? I have no idea! Any comments or advice would be appreciated:)

I guess I’ll play it by year, but I will start brainstorming ideas for items to sell etc.



elephant-placecardsWe moved!


Actually, that was about a half year ago.. haha.


I have no excuse for waiting this long to post, but its always hard to get back in when you take a break.

The first few months were crazy busy. Setting up my office took a while, and getting back on track took a bit of work. Then came the wedding season.
This wedding season was really busy too! Bluefin Works is definitely growing thanks to all my wonderful customers, and slowly but surely, my efficiency is increasing as we add more equipment.  Also, I have welcomed Sarah to the Bluefin Works team to help me during some busy times, and she has been fantastic!


I have not been adding any new products because I simply didn’t have time, but I’m going to plan to try to put in some effort into that in the next few months. Stay tuned:)



Also, a news on my personal life.. Within a month of moving, we found out we are expecting a new member to our family!

We will be welcoming a baby near the beginning of January, and we may be taking a break from the business around the Holiday season through January, depending on what our schedule allows. We will try our best though to continue and grow the business as we really love doing what we do!


If you are planning to order around then, please feel free to contact me and we will try to work something out:)


That’s the quick update for now!