Mae is 1! Peter Rabbit themed birthday party

SOEK2266I cannot believe how fast one year went by!

First year of parenthood was full of many new discoveries, and lots of fun.
It’s a weird feeling-It’s so sad to see my little baby grow but I’m happy and thankful at the same time. She is walking, starting to understand words, and showing all kinds of personality (lots of dancing and babbling) !

Though I do lots of 1st birthdays for my clients, I think I finally understand why 1st birthdays are so special.

This is the first time we get to get together and celebrate the baby’s birth.
When the baby is born, it’s super busy, let alone we are constantly exhausted, so it’s really no time to put together a party. 1st birthdays are a great time as we are starting to get a hang of it.

…And it’s a great excuse to go overboard, haha.

So last Saturday, with the help of amazing and talented friends and family, we had a joint Peter Rabbit themed birthday party for Mae and friend, Luca who is only 6 days older than Mae.

Joint birthdays are great.. we can share the work, and double the fun! I really enjoyed working with Luca’s parents along with other close friends (named below under credits), and the party was a huge success!


Happy Birthday Mae & Luca!


Credits and details:



Flower decor: Marie, Noriko, Rie  (Marie made majority of it.. I have to ask her how she made it!) Made of tissue paper

Cabbage: Shinya  made of dyed coffee filter and round paper mache balls (idea credit here)

Garlands, small signs :Bluefin Works (me)


Cake: Rie (she used 14 eggs!) It was sooo perfect!

Cake toppers/ cupcakes: me (fondant) idea credit from this pin

carrot pretzels: Noriko

White chocolate carrots, punch: Josh’s Mom

Marshmallow pops, popcorn: I Love Candy by Luci




Happy new year!

Thank you to all my customers, friends, and family for all the support last year! We’re so excited for what the new year will bring to Bluefin Works.

This year, as the shop owner, my goal is to try new things. I hope to open a new shop with home decor items hopefully soon, and hoping to put more effort in my online presence. 

My baby Mae is turning 1 this month, and it will be a big challenge to learn how to balance being a mom and growing my shop. She is a handful but I know that we are blessed to have a job that allows me to be flexible with her, so I’m very thankful:)

Another exciting addition…  We ordered a laser cutter that will hopefully arrive soon.  This should open up a whole new area of possibilities and that should be a lot of fun..:) still waiting for the order to dispatch- updates to come. 

A little late but here is a picture of Mae’s first Christmas photo. Not sure about Santa yet:)