Craft show day!

 I was so anxious the past few days and I barely got any sleep last night, but this day has finally come! 

I got as ready as I could, and with the help of Sarah and Josh, I set up my booth successfully. For my first booth ever, I am sooo darn proud!!


 The pillows are made by my mom who has been proactively helping me with some new designs in my new shop (in the works) and I think it added a lot to my shop! 
It was really fun talking to customers and seeing their reaction to my items. Many fun conversations, many many compliments. It was a really fun day! 
I didn’t have a great location, ( my booth was not really visible from the door, and the room was the farthest down the hall), 

But I think I did pretty well for that. I created just about enough that sold, ran out of some things and I’m overall happy with how I did. 

Would I do it again? I’m not a hundred percent, but I think so. It was very difficult to coordinate timing of things with baby Mae ( josh was a A++ daddy today), and it was a lot of work prepping, but I think once I did the first one, it would only get easier and cheaper from here. A lot of the work was how to display the items, getting the table cloth etc. 

Anyway, I had fun. 

Thank you to the staff and organizers at Badger Mountain Elementary school. They were on top of the game for everything and were so friendly and fantastic!! 

Thank you Rie for having a booth next to me, it made my first craft show much more fun. Thank you to all of my friends that visited me today and brought me snacks and coffee!! And special thanks to Sarah and Josh and Mae(?)  for your help today. It was impossible without you guys!!



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