Happy Mother’s Day!


Today was my first Mother’s Day as a mother.

This morning josh was talking to Mae and was saying “please hold this” in Japanese. I thought he was playing with a toy but they came over to me and handed me this

Mae had the perfect smile on her face and my heart just melted. I guess josh held the pen with Mae and wrote it. Too… Sweet!!

A photo collage of our family. What a perfect gift..:) so blessed!!

Today also happens to be the day Mae turns 4 months. Time flies and Mae is growing so fast!! She looks so different from when she was born and every day she is discovering something new. Her new thing is to blow air/bubbles from her mouth, and making different sounds with her voice.  Fun fun!!

We ran into one of Josh’s student’s parents at Costco and since they saw us for the first time since Mae was born, they asked if parenthood was just as we imagined it would be. It was a difficult question to answer so I said something like “we’re learning so much”, but I think my answer should have been that it was very different from what I imagined it to be.

I thought that being a mom means I’m going to show my baby the world I know so well, and teaching her all I already know. But instead, it was almost the opposite.

The first time I went out with Mae after her birth, I had no idea what I was doing and I felt so scared to be outside as if I’ve never been outside before. And every time I do anything new with Mae, I see it from a different perspective and discover something new with her. For example, she discovered the trees and the leaves that make wonderful sounds in the wind recently. She’s so amazed by them and gets so excited. Things I never looked at before Mae is all of the sudden so interesting.

  Motherhood/ parenthood to me, is not all about showing and teaching your child, but learning everything all over again, with the help of your child. 
I’m very blessed and so thankful to be given an opportunity to be a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there and a special shoutout to my mom who experienced all my “firsts” with me. Love you! 


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