New year greeting and a new addition

Happy belated new year! This year has already turned into an exciting and memorable year for me. Just over a month ago, we had our baby Mae!! We are so excited, and enjoying this new addition to our life.

The delivery was a little bit of a rough ride, but she is doing very well, and my recovery has been smooth as well;)

I had to close my shop once I started going into labor, but I managed to start working the day after I came home, and hopefully, not too many of my customers were affected by this short break. In fact, some customers that have contacted me during those days were super understanding and supportive, and were so kind in congratulating me. It just reminds me how lucky I am. I mean, what job would let me be so flexible?

I was completely honest with my customers the entire time- from about a month before I had my baby, I told my customers that I may be gone for a few days and I don’t know when that would be because it would depend on when the baby decides to come. Most of my customers are planning their once in a lifetime event, so I’m sure that can be frustrating, but all of them were so understanding and some even worked around my schedule. I usually don’t like to put them in that situation, but this time, it was extremely helpful and amazing. So, thank you, thank you, thank you all for being so patient!!

As of right now, the transition has been pretty good. The sleepless nights? We never really got extremely sleep deprived because somehow the baby knew from the beginning that night time is night time. Most of the nights she wakes up to eat, then goes back to sleep. She’s a trooper!

I work when my husband Josh comes home, and I try to send items out as soon as possible so I don’t get behind. I think my processing time on average is actually even shorter than before I had my baby:) I’m sure there will be changes once the baby starts to be more awake during the day, but I have some helpers that are more than skilled to take on some of the tasks so I am confident I will be able to continue my shop;)

Thank you so much for all your support and look forward to contributing to your amazing events this year again:)


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