Fail-proof DIY Christmas tree tutorial


Today I want to share with you a DIY christmas tree I made last weekend:)

I really wanted a christmas tree to put on our mantel, and after seeing some in stores, I decided I want to give making one a try. I first thought about attaching the tree leaves with glue gun, but then I thought, what if I mess up?? Then I came up with the idea of using the floral pins to attach them so I can re-do them as many times as I want. Hence, fail-proof!

As I thought, I did have to re-align the leaves a few times to make it look a little prettier, and it worked out perfectly!

Here goes…


  • 4 sheets of felt (I used two different tones of green)
  • Decorative beads (Found at Michael’s)
  • Box of Floral Pins
  • Small piece of ribbon
  • Styrofoam cone (I used the 9″tall medium size)
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • scissors
  1. cut out leaf templates with thick paper (mine was 1.75″ tall) and use this to trace and cut out felt pieces. IMG_2185
  2. Stick the floral pins at the base of the leaves
  3. Then stick them into the styrofoam cone (alternating the colors if you have two) Try to cover the styrofoam so the white part isn’t showing. Also, when you get near the top, be careful not to stab yourself! The trick is to stab the pins facing down wards so it doesn’t go through all the way.  I had my husband do this step because he is more OCD than me. He did a great job spacing them out perfectly!
  4. When you cover the entire tree with leaves, now it’s time to decorate with the beads. Put the floral pins through, and just decorate throughout! When you are done with this step and happy with how everything looks, you can choose to secure the pieces better using a glue gun (recommended if you have little kids). If you are lazy like me, you can skip this step.
  5. Now tie  a bow tie, and again, put it on the top with the floral pin
  6. You tree is complete! TADAHH!!!

Super easy and a fun craft activity for the holidays!



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