Getting things ready (and Holiday announcements)

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

I’m not quite there yet.. Still have to find the turkey and finish planning meals!

But for my job, I have to skip ahead and be ready for Christmas!

Stocking up for the holidays are fun, but to change things up a bit, I designed a new product– a reindeer display to decorate your Christmas Table or Mantle 🙂


These are perfect on our mantle as they can be spread apart and displayed however we want them to!  The funny thing is, I tried them out yesterday, and depending on how I angled the legs, it looked like the reindeers were prancing around a bit!

How? Well, apparently, our heater’s air circulation path goes to the mantle, and since the weight of the paper is so perfect it gave a perfect nudge on them enough to vibrate them without toppling them over or moving them. Neat! (That effect is not guaranteed to work unfortunately for every house.. haha)

New item

Reindeer Mantle Decor


Speaking of getting ready, I just had my 33 week prenatal appointment. It’s difficult to predict when exactly the baby is going to decide to come, but I will most likely close my shop for a bit when that time comes. Again, it’s hard to say  exactly how long, but I’m hoping to re-open or at least start to take orders within a few weeks with the help of great assistants.

It would most likely be at the end of the year past Christmas or at the beginning of the next year, so just a heads up for someone that may be planning to order around then.

It’s coincidentally the SLOWEST time for my business from past years, so hopefully it won’t affect too many customers.  It’s funny how that worked out. This baby is a great planner!

But if you do have questions or concerns during that time, I will be sure to check my Etsy messages and emails often, and will keep you updated as well.


Thank you so much for your understanding!


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