elephant-placecardsWe moved!


Actually, that was about a half year ago.. haha.


I have no excuse for waiting this long to post, but its always hard to get back in when you take a break.

The first few months were crazy busy. Setting up my office took a while, and getting back on track took a bit of work. Then came the wedding season.
This wedding season was really busy too! Bluefin Works is definitely growing thanks to all my wonderful customers, and slowly but surely, my efficiency is increasing as we add more equipment.  Also, I have welcomed Sarah to the Bluefin Works team to help me during some busy times, and she has been fantastic!


I have not been adding any new products because I simply didn’t have time, but I’m going to plan to try to put in some effort into that in the next few months. Stay tuned:)



Also, a news on my personal life.. Within a month of moving, we found out we are expecting a new member to our family!

We will be welcoming a baby near the beginning of January, and we may be taking a break from the business around the Holiday season through January, depending on what our schedule allows. We will try our best though to continue and grow the business as we really love doing what we do!


If you are planning to order around then, please feel free to contact me and we will try to work something out:)


That’s the quick update for now!



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