Inspiration from music- Ghibli Medley

I guess I wasn’t just imagining the cold.. It’s officially snowing, and our pipes are frozen! Perfect.

SnowWell, I’m thankful that our showers work (fingers crossed), and it’s just the toilet and the bathroom sink that does not give us any water. All good- we will survive.


My friend sent me a link to an amazing piano medley of all the major ghibli songs today.

If you do not know of Ghibli movies, I HIGHLY recommend watching them- they are pretty much the classic- king of animation movies in Japan. In fact, Spirited Away won the oscars in 2002.

They are filled with beautiful pictures, expressions, and are SO full of imagination. These movies give me inspiration, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say they made me who I am today.

Another thing great about them is the music- they’re SO beautiful, and if you have seen the movies, listening to them takes you back to the movie and all the emotions that come with them.




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