Happy Friday!

The shop was really slow this week, so I tried really hard to work on something I dread sooo much…..


Oh how I dislike doing them.

Having my own business doesn’t help either. So many different complicated expenses and incomes to gather and organize and as much as I try hard to keep them organized through out the year, it seems like it’s never ending!

I’m still nowhere close to being done (I just organized income and expenses) but I’m proud of my self for spending probably a total of 20 hours this week for it!


The motivation behind why I’m starting this early  (yes, it’s super early for me) was because we are looking into buying a home.

We figured we should know what our income is first before we can talk to a lender.


BUT!  There was a catch….


After all these hours of organizing them to have a better idea of my part of the income, we found out that my income doesn’t count at all because for it to count I have to have been in business for two years and have a proof of tax documents!!  NOOO! We had no idea!

Home buying is so difficult. So many things to learn – It’s like learning a new language!


On the bright side, I’m glad I at least got to get some work done for taxes because I KNOW I wouldn’t even want to touch it yet!


Anyway, hope you have a great weekend:)



Here is a 10 % off coupon for the shop valid until next Wednesday~ (1/29/14)  CODE :  “JUSTBECAUSE”


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