Yesterday, Bluefin Works officially turned 1!! YAY!!

When I opened my shop a year ago, I think had about 18 items, hopeful and excited, and broke from the start up cost.

My first sale was so exciting! I heard the “chi-ching!” sound on my phone which made my heart jump and beat really fast for a while. And then all the learning began.

I had no idea how postal services work, had very little idea about packaging, stock management, etc., and I can proudly say I’ve come a long way!
My customers were extremely patient and understanding when I had just started. Even though I was originally expecting to have many “bridezillas” customers or some stressed out customers (I know I was when I planned my own wedding), I have had neither. NONE! This, I’d have to credit Etsy– I feel like Etsy’s customers AND other sellers are all quality people that is understanding and amazing.

Most of the interactions I’ve had has been pleasant, and I can honestly say talking to my customers is one of my favorite part of the job. I’m truly blessed.

I have over 100 items in my store now, have made almost 700 sales!(693 to be exact), and to think that I’ve been a part of hundreds of peoples’ special days makes me feel very very grateful and humbling.

There has definitely been challenges and difficulties that sometimes get me down, but the fact that I reached this day is already a success. On top of that, I’ve hit all my goals that I thought I would have never hit WHILE having fun doing it.

I want to say thank you to all my customers, friends and family, for your support!

Please stay tuned for more awesomeness to come!


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