4th of July

This week was extremely busy at Bluefin Works!

Since June seems to be the most popular wedding month, I thought for sure that the orders would start slowing down, but to my surprise, orders are still growing!
I had a few big rush orders this week so my fourth of July and weekend was spent working.
In a normal job I probably won’t be so happy about this, but when I can say that I need to work overtime and holidays for a business I started, I gotta say I’m very fortunate 🙂

It was also perfect since Josh was on his morning shift. Josh was in bed when the fireworks were going up, so I enjoyed the fireworks of California through facetime with my parents while I worked at home here in Washington:)

Every year, when we see the fireworks, we always come back to the same conversation- “Where did we see the fireworks last year?”, and it’s always a nice time to reflect our past. I still remember exactly where I was all the way to 2003. It seems like I remember them more than christmas or new year!
They include times we did fireworks with Josh before we dated, Watching them on Drum corps tour in the bus to another town, watching them from a boat in broad daylight in Alaska during my internship, and now added to the memories, watching them through facetime with my parents while being super homesick!

Hope you all had a fun and safe fourth of July!


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