A sweet little treat

On Thursday, on the way back from teaching the drum line at night, when I turned onto the street we live on, I saw a pair of eyes flash from the reflection of my head light.
At first glance, I thought it was a cat, but after a second look, I realized it was a tiny dog, following someone walking by to see if they can pick them up.

I was driving, so I can only see him for a split second, but I can tell the dog was disappointed that the girl walking by didn’t want to have much to do with him.

It was dark, and he was black (of course, like my own dog Pepper back home) so I had to go back to find him. After walking around for a few minutes, a tiny little dog came to find me to get picked up.

Josh and I walked around for probably about an hour with him to see if anyone is looking, but it was past midnight already and we decided to resume looking the next day.

He was playful, cute, and a cuddler. At night, we made a bed for him to sleep in, but he quickly jumped into our bed to cuddle with us instead. He followed us around everywhere to see what we’re up to. He was just so sweet!
I couldn’t sleep well, so I woke up early to post on craigslist, print off flyers, and walked around looking for his owner. Tired of lack of sleep, I took a short nap where he came to sleep with me next to my stomach.
After I woke up, I saw a email from the owner of the dog, and he was safely returned. YAY!

He was clearly well taken care of, so we knew someone was looking for him, and the whole time it broke my heart to think of how worried they must be. And we couldn’t be happier the process was a breeze and he was able to go back home pretty quick.

But after a few days, we STILL can’t stop thinking about him! He was really a cutie and it was a really nice treat that we were able to babysit him even just for one night. It’s just so funny how we can fall in love in such a short amount of time!!

It made me miss Pepper, and remind me how much animals can bring joy to our lives.

I’ve always had some kind of pet until I moved here, and it was definitely weird at first to not have a buddy with me. After a year I got used to it, but this incident reminded me of what I’m missing everyday. There definitely room for lots and lots of love!
Someday we will be able to share that with a little critter.

Hopefully someday soon:)


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