A long time…

cherry blossoms

I can’t believe I let myself get behind on this blog so much. I love how my last post says Happy Halloween, and that’s almost half a year ago! Oops!

Business is growing as I hoped since the start of the year, and it’s encouraging. I can do this!
It’s really rewarding and humbling to have been blessed to be a part of many important events:) Many thanks to all my customers:)

As I continue on building my business, I’m thinking about opening a shop online other than Etsy, to encourage non-etsy customers.
Also thinking about expanding my business to doing invitations.
I actually got an inquiry to do a hockey themed invitation a while ago, and it was received real well by the client:) What a fun project.



More and more to come..

Anyway, hope everyone’s doing well and I WILL post more often so don’t give up on me:)