Halloween! and BIRTHDAY to Josh!!!

This year I am a little bummed out that I’m not dressing up as anything or doing anything really that halloween-y.


But this morning, out of nowhere, a spider came out to say hi, and I jumped a little. How thoughtful of him (or her) to give me some halloween cheer.

I tried to catch and release but when I let it go from my 3rd floor balcony, it went straight down so I’m not sure if he made it allright.

Maybe he’ll come haunt me as a ghost and it’ll be a double halloween surprise.


Ok, obviously I’m a little bored.. Sales are down maybe because of halloween. It’s a little discouraging.


It’s the last day of the month so I guess its a good time to reflect and set a goal for next month.


50% more revenue of last month

30% more orders since last month

25% more views.


Start up costs and expenses are still high.

Still not enough to pay my bills and save.



40% more revenue

30% more orders

25% more views.

25% less expenses


Gearing up for the holidays!

Go go go!


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