Halloween! and BIRTHDAY to Josh!!!

This year I am a little bummed out that I’m not dressing up as anything or doing anything really that halloween-y.


But this morning, out of nowhere, a spider came out to say hi, and I jumped a little. How thoughtful of him (or her) to give me some halloween cheer.

I tried to catch and release but when I let it go from my 3rd floor balcony, it went straight down so I’m not sure if he made it allright.

Maybe he’ll come haunt me as a ghost and it’ll be a double halloween surprise.


Ok, obviously I’m a little bored.. Sales are down maybe because of halloween. It’s a little discouraging.


It’s the last day of the month so I guess its a good time to reflect and set a goal for next month.


50% more revenue of last month

30% more orders since last month

25% more views.


Start up costs and expenses are still high.

Still not enough to pay my bills and save.



40% more revenue

30% more orders

25% more views.

25% less expenses


Gearing up for the holidays!

Go go go!



A lot of the orders I’ve been getting seems to be from Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.I guess there seem to be a big demand for my stuff in those places. I really wish the postal service can offer a medium level of service where the shipping price is medium, and the speed is medium.

Anyway, working on these cloud escort cards, and when all lined up, they were too adorable so I had to snap a few pics. So cute!!

I would love to do cooporate work etc. with Paper art one day. That would be a lot of fun..

Buy here: cloud escort cards on etsy

Clouds seem to be a popular trend right now…

These garlands have been doing real well too.

I made these too but they’re not as popular. I guess rain is not such a popular subject for a greeting card.

Business is gradually growing… but still not where I want it to be. Must gear up for the holidays!

Have a great week!