Trip to Seattle

Over 5 months after our wedding, I FINALLY went to Seattle to get my marriage paperwork&Passport done.

Seattle is about 4 hours drive from here, and I’ve been dreading it so much.

After weeks of gathering papers, and trying to find the perfect day where Josh can get work off/ get someone to come up here to visit etc, money, long distance, all kinds of excuses, I finally decided that it’s been way too long and I need to go even if I it meant driving there alone.

I was hating life when I got up at 4:30 AM, but really,  it ended up being a huge blessing in disguise.

I had to wait about 5 hours to get my passport, so I went out to scout out Seattle.

I’ve been to Seattle twice, but going there alone was a whole new experience! I got to really see the culture and the environment and go into all the tiny places my guts told me to check out.

Of course, the market place is so colorful and fun– It’s a good thing I walked there-otherwise I would have bought out the whole place…

All the small alley ways are so neat just the way they are structured,

or arts etc on the walls,

or even gum! It smelled fruity when I passed by!

I found a cute shop, which I fell in love with called Ted Kennedy Watson– They sell everything… from stationary, food, gifts, art, kitchen stuff, lotion- weird! but they’re all things I would want.  They were nice enough to let me take pics..

Apparently they have a bigger store which I couldn’t go but next time I’m definitely going..

Anyway the small stores, culture, people, street musicians, dogs, food, coffee, all these things really really gave me an inspiration overload!

Then on the drive back, I got to listen to my favorite music by hiromi, and my inspirations got to marinate and process in my brain for four hours. What a blessing.

Being in a creative world, these opportunities are a super valuable investment.. I need to relax and let myself feed my brain like this more often…:)

All that accomplishment and I’m officially married in Japan! Successful day 🙂


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