Hot Air Balloon!

After a loong day of Seattle, I came home, passed out… then I had to get right up again at 5 AM!

This time, I didn’t really have to go, but I wanted to. There’s only a few things that would motivate me to get up that early for fun but this was one of them: HOT AIR BALLOONS!!

Definitely one of the best thing about having a husband that’s a news reporter- you get to know the cool things going on without even trying.

I had no idea, but apparently there are hot air balloon rallies around the world where a bunch of them come and do their balloon business. Check out the event schedules and locations here.

I also had no idea what they really are and how much work they put into fly the thing. It was an interesting experience to watch from set up to clean up.

They come in these trailers,

Set up tarps before laying the balloons,

Checking the fire

Lay out the balloons

Putting the “hot” in the hot air balloon

And they start leaving one after another when they’re ready.

There were so many varieties of colors and designs- a lot were the stereotypical colorful  cute hot air balloons, some were advertisements from coca-cola, or.. radio stations etc..  but the one Josh got to ride on was the Freedom Flight POW-MIA Hot air balloon.

They are an non-profit organization that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of the still missing Prisoners of War. I think doing that with hot air balloons is just perfect!

POW MIA Balloon. Josh is in the red:)

If you want to see Josh’s story, check it out  here.

While they were up in the air, I got in my car, and followed the balloons in the air to where the wind is taking them. It was so weird to do that. I’ve never done anything like it. It’s almost like finding the end of the rainbow or something-though it was much easier than I thought because they are so big.  I was still much faster than them so I had time to stop in the middle, take some pictures from a different angle, and catch up to where they landed.

The whole event was like an photographer’s heaven. It was so fun to shoot! Check out  some pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, I like to take the moment to celebrate my 100th blog post! WOOT!

Thank you for reading and subscribing!


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