Birthday Weekend Fun

Thanks everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! It was low-keyed, but definitely suited for a last birthday in my 20s.

I received a few surprise deliveries and phone calls that made me appreciate all the people that have been my support over the years, and Josh took me out to one of our favorite restaurants here.
Then our friend Sarah and the kids took me to pick some apples, peaches, nectarines and grapes- Now our house is FULL of fruits!

The grape vineyard is run by an honor system. SO cool! you pick, you weigh, and you put money in the box. I LOVE IT!!

I guess it’s kind of a secret place that only locals know..

I was looking at these pictures, and I was thinking.. they look kind of vintage.

Then it occurred to me, the word vintage comes from vineyard and grapes. whoa…. so this is the real vintage…boom!

Wanted to post pics of the deliveries but my computer is not behaving so will do that later..


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