4 weeks and haul

Today is BluefinWorks‘ 4 week anniversary.

I set 2 goals 2 weeks ago for a.number of items and b. a certain sales revenue, and I hit one of them- Sales revenue!
Honestly, I could have done better in hitting the number of items, but at times I was a little busy with the orders that I didn’t really have time to make new items. I think it’ll get better as I get more used to the shipping process, creating process, and customer service. It’s a lot to handle! I’m pretty happy though because I feel that hitting a sales revenue is harder than uploading more items. I gotta be doing something right.

Today was super slow though. So I went to Michael’s since they’re having an awesome sale.

You know those YouTube videos that are titled ” ____ haul~!!@#$@” or something and the girl just shows the viewers what they bought and how much they love it? I always think, “what a stupid waste of time.” and then go on and watch it for a few hours.

Anyway, I think I’m going to do one of those except for my michael’s purchases like a nerd. haha.

My place is getting overloaded with paper, but I couldn’t resist some of the selections.

I’m getting more into patterns. It adds another dimension and another element of challenge in the designing process. Like, it’s so easy to make it toooo much.

I dedicate the mushroom one to Pai Hua. She loves toe fungus.

And then I bought these. I’ve always wondered why these pens cost 8 dollars each (so expensive!!!) so I gave it a try when I had a 40% off coupon… I really like them!! It kinda makes me feel like an artist even if the only drawing I do is scribbling and doodling. I still didn’t think it’s worth that much money, so I stayed away from it, but I decided to buy some because I need a good marker for upcoming projects, and by telling myself it’s ok, my birthday is coming up….

The rest of what I bought is kinda boring so that’s all.


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