Joining the Wedding Industry

Shipped out all the pending orders, and for the first time in a week or so have ZERO orders to worry about. Whew! What a relief!  Yesterday I got a little glimpse of what it would be like when my shop picks up. I got 5 orders, and a bunch of inquiries, and I even talked to a client on the phone for the first time!

It was really nice to actually “hear” the voice of my potential customers- messages are great too but it’s just a little more personal.
I’ve been thinking about this but even more than ever it made me realize I’m in the wedding industry. My clients are mostly people that are living a very important part of their life, and one of the happiest. And it’s very humbling to know that I’m able to be a part of creating their biggest day of their life,  even if it was making a tiny card for it. It also motivates me to offer a top notch customer service, and offer a great quality product whether or not the product is for a wedding. I think it definitely helps that 5 months ago, in my own wedding, I received nothing but the best quality service from my vendors:)


Slowly building my business identity…. 🙂



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