I had a funny dream that’s so not like me. I was chosen by the community to be the princess, and everyone went on a cruise and I had a really nice room. I also had a butler that I almost fell in love with that had a really nice car (on a cruise? weird.)

Then all my friends came to congratulate me in my nice room and they got vip access too. All my friends in real life were there.

Then there was a shore day, and it was soo crowded, and I accidentally rode on a little boat, that took me to somewhere like Thailand (I’ve never been there so it’s my imagination). Then I was trying to radio my butler to come find me but apparently the walkie thing wasn’t even the right one, so the tour people came to give me a right radio. Not so princesslike now that I think about it.

Then I woke up to realize that I slept through the alarm and Josh waking up, and woke up to him almost leaving.


Weird! I wonder what it all means? Maybe I’m trying to do better in business and want to get more views etc.  so that’s kind of like my wish to be successful by popularity?  Oh, btw I wasn’t dressed a s a princess- I was normal, so maybe that part wasn’t my wish- makes sense.


Anyway, I’m actually busy today with the business. Maybe just happened to land during the same time.. but I’ll take it!


Working on a large order of these guys…


Gotta finish these guys up… to ship,



And ship these guys out…

And I even have a pending order this morning!





Ready…. GO!


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