One thing…

There are many things that I miss about San jose that Tri-cities doesn’t have like Japanese/asian supermarkets, good restaurants etc. But I may have found one thing I’ll miss about here when I leave.

Dutch Bros coffee!  I’ve only had their iced flavored coffee but I love it!

It’s not anything like starbucks, or peet’s, which I like for when I feel like normal coffee. (speaking of which, I miss having peet’s around too.) I feel like whenever I order say.. iced macchiato at starbucks, theres not enough coffee in it- like I’m drinking milk with a hint of coffee.

I like Dutch Bros. ratio of their flavoring and milk and coffee… it’s so yum. This one is the annihilator (don’t know how to spell)- with macademia nut flavoring…

It’s a small drive-up stand which is cute, with tiny menu that you can only see when it’s your turn to order. So you get there and you have to awkwardly and quickly make your decision what to order. I guess it must only be a newbie problem.

Anyway, you gotta try this place if you’re ever in the NorthWest!


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