Half month!

New series of Self standing signs I’m working on…

Half month since I opened BluefinWorks on Etsy!

Honestly I had no idea what to expect so I didn’t really set a goal… But if I did, I probably have reached it.

I got 9 sales, and three digits revenue for each of the first two weeks… not bad!

I would definitely say a big part is due to my supportive friends and family, so a big Thank You! to those that purchased, gave me advice and those that just listened to me ramble on and on about my new shop, haha.

So time to set a new goal for the next few weeks… I think I started with 16 items? and currently at 28… I think my goal would be to add one item a day. So, by September 13th I’ll have 42 items. And if that’s completely directly related to sales which I’m sure it’s not, it should increase my sales by 50%… hmm we’ll see.

I’m so pumped about my shop but when it comes to official documents and marriage stuff,,, i just want to roll around on the floor and complain all day ” WHY…. do we really have tooooo……?”



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