Good food, enjoy the water, and donuts

I think I can finally say I’m getting to know the area better! This weekend was definitely one of the most eventful weekends since i moved here.

A new family friend had her birthday so we were invited to a dinner at a beautiful local winery (Apparently this area is huge on wineries) where they served food from one of our favorite restaurants on friday. Local winery, check.

 Then the next day they invited us to join them on their boat to go waterskiing!

It was our second time on the columbia river (first time we went jet skiing with my bro Kohei). It was my first time trying, and it was soo much harder than it looks! Josh was able to get up on the water and enjoy a long ride on the skis, but I couldn’t. It was so close! but I’m super satisfied. I want to post my video of me making an epic fall. waiting for josh to send the video… ahem.

Waterskiing, check.

Sunday, we felt like donuts (and didn’t feel a bit guilty about it), so Josh took me to a local donut shop that caught me by surprise.. It was sooo good! totally unexpected. Light, and crispy on the outside.

Finding a favorite dessert place (?) , CHECK!


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