Thanks, Grandma

Last night, I lost my brand new grandma-in-law.

She had some circulatory problems, and she’s been fighting it for a long long time but she went to heaven last night.

I never got to meet her yet, but listening to stories of her made me miss her a lot. She was a strong person, and a caring grandmother. Finding out that Josh got some of his craziness and his productiveness from her, makes me feel like I know her well and I appreciate her for helping Josh become who he is.


About a minute after I heard the news that she passed, I got my first sale in my shop. (second technically but the first one was from a good friend eLo.).   I’m not that superstitious but can’t help but think it’s not a coincidence! It’s only been three days since I opened. I’ll probably never forget that moment.


Rest in peace Grandma, and my heart goes out to my in-laws and Josh that are coping with this great loss.


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