I can’t believe it’s August already.. Time flies. It’s been 7 years since I aged out! 

My shop that was supposed to open August 1st, got moved back because I decided to go home to San Jose for a little bit because my cousin is in town from Japan. Yay! He’s always been interested in coming here, and hopefully it will open up all kinds of worlds and possibilities for him. 

So conveniently, my mom in law happens to be a very talented and passionate certified ESL teacher, and he’s taking some lessons from her.. How perfect!!  


I’m excited to go home, but I feel a little guilty for putting off my goal a little. 

Moving to a different state, then living so far from consulate of Japan, and immigration places makes it that much more complicated to get my official documents done for name change etc. It’s so overwhelming and I’ve been putting it off for a long time.. It’s already been 4 months since our wedding, and I haven’t finished my name change process. You’re supposed to do it within 3 months…  oops……

At this time of year I always remember how hard I worked in drum corps. And I try to motivate myself to try harder in whatever I’m working for. It’s so easy to get lazy and i still struggle to achieve that level of satisfaction or achievement. I wonder if I’ll ever reach that? Guess I will just have to keep trying and remembering…

Anyway, enjoy the summer!


Work like dogs, sweat like pigs, march like gods… 




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