Half month!

New series of Self standing signs I’m working on…

Half month since I opened BluefinWorks on Etsy!

Honestly I had no idea what to expect so I didn’t really set a goal… But if I did, I probably have reached it.

I got 9 sales, and three digits revenue for each of the first two weeks… not bad!

I would definitely say a big part is due to my supportive friends and family, so a big Thank You! to those that purchased, gave me advice and those that just listened to me ramble on and on about my new shop, haha.

So time to set a new goal for the next few weeks… I think I started with 16 items? and currently at 28… I think my goal would be to add one item a day. So, by September 13th I’ll have 42 items. And if that’s completely directly related to sales which I’m sure it’s not, it should increase my sales by 50%… hmm we’ll see.

I’m so pumped about my shop but when it comes to official documents and marriage stuff,,, i just want to roll around on the floor and complain all day ” WHY…. do we really have tooooo……?”



Good food, enjoy the water, and donuts

I think I can finally say I’m getting to know the area better! This weekend was definitely one of the most eventful weekends since i moved here.

A new family friend had her birthday so we were invited to a dinner at a beautiful local winery (Apparently this area is huge on wineries) where they served food from one of our favorite restaurants on friday. Local winery, check.

 Then the next day they invited us to join them on their boat to go waterskiing!

It was our second time on the columbia river (first time we went jet skiing with my bro Kohei). It was my first time trying, and it was soo much harder than it looks! Josh was able to get up on the water and enjoy a long ride on the skis, but I couldn’t. It was so close! but I’m super satisfied. I want to post my video of me making an epic fall. waiting for josh to send the video… ahem.

Waterskiing, check.

Sunday, we felt like donuts (and didn’t feel a bit guilty about it), so Josh took me to a local donut shop that caught me by surprise.. It was sooo good! totally unexpected. Light, and crispy on the outside.

Finding a favorite dessert place (?) , CHECK!


Ok someone might make fun of me (you know who you are) but I found two nice inspirations on fb :

So true!

When seeing other people’s growth makes u feel anxious see this:

I think I get anxious a LOT when I feel like I’m not making enough progress. This is a good inspiration.

Anyway, 4 days of shop being open, and got my third order last night!  Not bad,, not bad at all!

But not anywhere near my goal so gotta keep working!

Thanks, Grandma

Last night, I lost my brand new grandma-in-law.

She had some circulatory problems, and she’s been fighting it for a long long time but she went to heaven last night.

I never got to meet her yet, but listening to stories of her made me miss her a lot. She was a strong person, and a caring grandmother. Finding out that Josh got some of his craziness and his productiveness from her, makes me feel like I know her well and I appreciate her for helping Josh become who he is.


About a minute after I heard the news that she passed, I got my first sale in my shop. (second technically but the first one was from a good friend eLo.).   I’m not that superstitious but can’t help but think it’s not a coincidence! It’s only been three days since I opened. I’ll probably never forget that moment.


Rest in peace Grandma, and my heart goes out to my in-laws and Josh that are coping with this great loss.

Etsy Shop “BluefinWorks” Launched!!

I finally opened my shop on Etsy! WOOOT!

Theres not much right now, but it’s a start. I’m starting with simple things.

Like Greeting cards,



and… Favor boxes!

Ever since I opened it last night, I must have checked my shop status like 100 times… to see if anyone is viewing.

Right now, it’s probably only me. LOL. And a few people I’ve told…

I’m nervous to tell anyone, yet I want more views.. I’m a complicated person… haha


Planning to post more and more items so don’t give up on me…!!

Come check my shop out here.



I can’t believe it’s August already.. Time flies. It’s been 7 years since I aged out! 

My shop that was supposed to open August 1st, got moved back because I decided to go home to San Jose for a little bit because my cousin is in town from Japan. Yay! He’s always been interested in coming here, and hopefully it will open up all kinds of worlds and possibilities for him. 

So conveniently, my mom in law happens to be a very talented and passionate certified ESL teacher, and he’s taking some lessons from her.. How perfect!!  


I’m excited to go home, but I feel a little guilty for putting off my goal a little. 

Moving to a different state, then living so far from consulate of Japan, and immigration places makes it that much more complicated to get my official documents done for name change etc. It’s so overwhelming and I’ve been putting it off for a long time.. It’s already been 4 months since our wedding, and I haven’t finished my name change process. You’re supposed to do it within 3 months…  oops……

At this time of year I always remember how hard I worked in drum corps. And I try to motivate myself to try harder in whatever I’m working for. It’s so easy to get lazy and i still struggle to achieve that level of satisfaction or achievement. I wonder if I’ll ever reach that? Guess I will just have to keep trying and remembering…

Anyway, enjoy the summer!


Work like dogs, sweat like pigs, march like gods…