Hydro Races!

This weekend was the Tri-cities’ (the area we live in) biggest event- the hydro races!

It was my first one ever.. and I’ve never really knew what hydros are until now. Apparently it’s like nascar on the water. These things have jet engines, and they go really fast… and they’re really loud.. and they make a wall of water columns after they pass. It reminds me of the Las Vegas water shows where the water shoots up in synch with music like the Titanic, and every time those boats passed, I kept wanting to sing the theme song to the titanic. Haha.


Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on~~

Anyway, it was like a huge party, with bunch of food stands out and lots of not so pleasant to look at half naked people. It was fun, but it made me miss all my friends and family. I wish all my friends were here with me there. It was just that kind of event.

I guess Josh will do for now. haha.

Us infront of the Degree hydro. It’s huge! And thanks for the samples of Men’s Degree! It’ll be a souvenir for my brother and bro in law. 😀


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