weekend of waffles and violence

This weekend, I made liege waffles for the first time since I moved. It was also the first time to make Josh eat my waffles, so I tried this recipe .  It calls for 4 hours rising, 30 min refrigerating, and resting over night, then rising some more for an hour and a half— It was by far the most time-consuming recipe. The result…? It was good. Josh liked it.

Me, I thought it wasn’t much different for a recipe I’ve used that called for a much less time to cook. O well..

We also started watching the TV show “Breaking Bad”. Where a highschool chemistry teacher that finds out he has cancer decides to make chrystal meth to make money and gets into some troubles… It’s a really good show, but I think I’m getting old or something! I have much less tolerance for stress/ suspense/ violence in shows/movies. I just sometimes have to walk away.

Then that night I have nightmares.

Same thing happened when I watched the new Batman movie on Thursday. Perhaps more because of the horrible shooting that happened in Colorado too… My thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims’ family/friends…


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