The heat finally cooled off somewhat and it was a really weird weather weekend.

Friday night, I picked up Josh after midnight, we went to Denny’s to eat a Tbone Meal(Yep, I do what I want.) and came home to a lightning show from our balcony.  I got one picture! cool!

This makes me think aliens must be coming to earth through one of these.. crazy!

Then Saturday, it was nice, and wasn’t too hot so we went hiking on Badger mountain for my first time. It was tough!!

This is where I live now!

Then Sunday, we went walking at the park.

My Etsy store is starting to come together… can’t publish yet,, but getting there.

I got to meet with a possible client this week (I’ll post later), have few projects coming up..  I gotta get ready to kick some butt!

Oh and I got my first “commissioned” work.. wee! My silly illustration made the debut to the real world on


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