Hydro Races!

This weekend was the Tri-cities’ (the area we live in) biggest event- the hydro races!

It was my first one ever.. and I’ve never really knew what hydros are until now. Apparently it’s like nascar on the water. These things have jet engines, and they go really fast… and they’re really loud.. and they make a wall of water columns after they pass. It reminds me of the Las Vegas water shows where the water shoots up in synch with music like the Titanic, and every time those boats passed, I kept wanting to sing the theme song to the titanic. Haha.


Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on~~

Anyway, it was like a huge party, with bunch of food stands out and lots of not so pleasant to look at half naked people. It was fun, but it made me miss all my friends and family. I wish all my friends were here with me there. It was just that kind of event.

I guess Josh will do for now. haha.

Us infront of the Degree hydro. It’s huge! And thanks for the samples of Men’s Degree! It’ll be a souvenir for my brother and bro in law. ūüėÄ


weekend of waffles and violence

This weekend, I made liege waffles for the first time since I moved. It was also the first time to make Josh eat my waffles, so I tried this recipe¬†. ¬†It calls for 4 hours rising, 30 min refrigerating, and resting over night, then rising some more for an hour and a half— It was by far the most time-consuming recipe. The result…? It was good. Josh liked it.

Me, I thought it wasn’t much different for a recipe I’ve used that called for a much less time to cook. O well..

We also started watching the TV show “Breaking Bad”. Where a highschool chemistry teacher that finds out he has cancer decides to make chrystal meth to make money and gets into some troubles… It’s a really good show, but I think I’m getting old or something! I have much less tolerance for stress/ suspense/ violence in shows/movies. I just sometimes have to walk away.

Then that night I have nightmares.

Same thing happened when I watched the new Batman movie on Thursday. Perhaps more because of the horrible shooting that happened in Colorado too… My thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims’ family/friends…

motivation from money

found this while hiking...
found this while hiking…

It’s been about 3 months since I haven’t had an income. O_o

I did kind of force myself into this because I wanted to really focus on one thing. Starting an etsy shop.

I’m definitely more careful with spending money, since I only have savings to live off of, and I really don’t buy anything extra anymore. Not even coffee! ¬†But the truth is, coffee really doesn’t make that much of a difference. One might say that it adds up, but I think having to worry about this makes me want to work harder.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel like if I want to make a difference in the world, it would be much easier if I wasn’t worrying about …100 dollars a month (say.. about $3 coffee /day x 31 days). ¬†And that’s the place where I want to be. In times like this I sometimes really think about saving pennies and wishing people would pay you back for something, ¬†but I’m really trying to think I don’t want to spend the rest of my life counting pennies.

It might sound materialistic, but it’s more than that for me. I want to give my kids full nourished meals, and be able to donate/help a good cause without cutting down on something I need to survive. and what’s wrong with being ambitious?

etsy probably¬†won’t make me a millionaire but it will be the start of my journey. It will be opening soon….


The heat finally cooled off somewhat and it was a really weird weather weekend.

Friday night, I picked up Josh after midnight, we went to Denny’s to eat a Tbone Meal(Yep, I do what I want.) and came home to a lightning show from our balcony. ¬†I got one picture! cool!

This makes me think aliens must be coming to earth through one of these.. crazy!

Then Saturday, it was nice, and wasn’t too hot so we went hiking on Badger mountain for my first time. It was tough!!

This is where I live now!

Then Sunday, we went walking at the park.

My Etsy store is starting to come together… can’t publish yet,, but getting there.

I got to meet with a possible client this week (I’ll post later), have few projects coming up.. ¬†I gotta get ready to kick some butt!

Oh and I got my first “commissioned” work.. wee! My silly illustration made the debut to the real world on¬†sociecity.com

Rare post on drum corps

Middle of drum corps season, and I heard that Teal Sound just folded . That sucks.

4 years of drum corps really shaped me into who I am, and when I think about what the members are feeling right now it really breaks my heart.

Hope all their members are proud of their season regardless of how long it was and wish them much success in the future:)

Best wishes to everyone marching this year, and especially to my brother in law in Vanguard cadets!