New town, new adventures

Living in a new town is exciting, but challenging at the same time.

Everything you want to do, you have to figure it out from scratch, especially when you’re used to living in a big city- then move to a small town like here.

One thing that’s so annoying is recycling. In San Jose, I was so used to putting recycling in our recycling bin, and someone coming to pick them up once a week. Here, I have to go somewhere to do it- like a recycling center. So cliche to say this, but really, you really don’t appreciate somethings until it’s taken away from you.

Anyway, today I went out on my own adventure (I’m a big girl now) to go find an alteration place to go get my bridesmaids dress altered for a wedding I’m in in June (WOOOT!!!) 🙂 It was a really nice place owned by a Korean couple, and I got to talk to the lady for a while about her business and life etc.. turns out Josh’s boss goes there sometimes too to get stuff done… etc.

I also learned that theres a small asian community- mostly chinese then korean… but there’s not that many Japanese people in town. hmm

It was nice to talk to her for a little bit. I think maybe because I’ve been kinda busy cleaning and finishing off things left to do from my wedding etc., and I think it was the first chance to really connect to the real world- the new town I’ve moved to. It kinda gave my brain some stimulation and a GO sign to start a real life here, almost.  GOGOGO!

Some other things…

I love my Kitchenaid!! I made pizza crust.. home made pizza crust is better than store bought!! (well, I wouldn’t know cuz i never bought one but I just want to believe that)

My dress came back after being preserved.
This makes me soo sad… The feeling that my wedding I was planning and dreaming of forever is actually over now. ;_;


Happy Birthday to my dear friend eLo– the man who taught me that all miracles and dreams can come true.

Have a great week~.


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