midnight yakiniku breakfast

It’s 12:35AM, woke up about 5 hours ago, and I just had a yakiniku dinner, then my day just started.

This week, my husband now(still feels super weird to say this) is covering as a morning anchor and his shift is from midnight to 8… I guess  I don’t exactly need to be on his schedule, but I decided to give it a try this week. OY this is sooo hard!! It’s like no matter how much you sleep, when it’s dark outside, your body feels sleepy! I didn’t realize that my body is actually going along with the natural cycle of day and night until now.  I have a huge respect for people that have to work night shifts now.. I just want this week to be over.. both me and Josh is starting to really get tired from this weird schedule.

One thing that’s interesting is, I wasn’t sure what kind of food to make for what time of day, but it looks like our body craves food more so according to the time of day.  Hence, a yakiniku dinner, at the start of our day.


My excuse for yakiniku is cuz we need energy to get through the week:D



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