New town, new adventures

Living in a new town is exciting, but challenging at the same time.

Everything you want to do, you have to figure it out from scratch, especially when you’re used to living in a big city- then move to a small town like here.

One thing that’s so annoying is recycling. In San Jose, I was so used to putting recycling in our recycling bin, and someone coming to pick them up once a week. Here, I have to go somewhere to do it- like a recycling center. So cliche to say this, but really, you really don’t appreciate somethings until it’s taken away from you.

Anyway, today I went out on my own adventure (I’m a big girl now) to go find an alteration place to go get my bridesmaids dress altered for a wedding I’m in in June (WOOOT!!!) 🙂 It was a really nice place owned by a Korean couple, and I got to talk to the lady for a while about her business and life etc.. turns out Josh’s boss goes there sometimes too to get stuff done… etc.

I also learned that theres a small asian community- mostly chinese then korean… but there’s not that many Japanese people in town. hmm

It was nice to talk to her for a little bit. I think maybe because I’ve been kinda busy cleaning and finishing off things left to do from my wedding etc., and I think it was the first chance to really connect to the real world- the new town I’ve moved to. It kinda gave my brain some stimulation and a GO sign to start a real life here, almost.  GOGOGO!

Some other things…

I love my Kitchenaid!! I made pizza crust.. home made pizza crust is better than store bought!! (well, I wouldn’t know cuz i never bought one but I just want to believe that)

My dress came back after being preserved.
This makes me soo sad… The feeling that my wedding I was planning and dreaming of forever is actually over now. ;_;


Happy Birthday to my dear friend eLo– the man who taught me that all miracles and dreams can come true.

Have a great week~.


First two weeks of married life…

It’s been two weeks since I moved in- the time frame I gave myself to get settled.

Honestly, I thought it would be enough time, but with the weird shift etc,, it really wasn’t… boo. Time to light my butt on fire!!

Still got so much to clean and organize, and still haven’t completely gotten started on my regular life. hmm

but we did get a bunch of things done- got new stuff for the kitchen, somewhat made progress on the official stuff,  and made a weekend trip to Portland to IKEA~!!

I must say, IKEA is as good of an invention as soy sauce and ketchup(those are my two most respected inventions in the world haha). I’m not gonna lie and say their stuff is the top quality, but in a time like this where we have to spend a ton of money on new things, it really really helps our wallets!

Growing up, I’ve always had a image of just married life to be about trying to save pennies on food, having no money, and eating dinner on milk crates etc (Josh thinks I’m crazy,, is this a Japanese thing?), and while they’re somewhat true, thanks to Ikea, we can actually a civilized life!  Yay!

All in all, this 2 weeks has gone by real quick.

I wouldn’t say it was and easy adjustment, but considering we’re two people that grew up completely differently in culture, I think we’re doing ok….. for now. 🙂


I think the first thing I miss (as expected) is Pepper. I miss having her with me every second  of my day to hug and kiss. And it still feels weird to have a snack without having to hide it.  hehe.

midnight yakiniku breakfast

It’s 12:35AM, woke up about 5 hours ago, and I just had a yakiniku dinner, then my day just started.

This week, my husband now(still feels super weird to say this) is covering as a morning anchor and his shift is from midnight to 8… I guess  I don’t exactly need to be on his schedule, but I decided to give it a try this week. OY this is sooo hard!! It’s like no matter how much you sleep, when it’s dark outside, your body feels sleepy! I didn’t realize that my body is actually going along with the natural cycle of day and night until now.  I have a huge respect for people that have to work night shifts now.. I just want this week to be over.. both me and Josh is starting to really get tired from this weird schedule.

One thing that’s interesting is, I wasn’t sure what kind of food to make for what time of day, but it looks like our body craves food more so according to the time of day.  Hence, a yakiniku dinner, at the start of our day.


My excuse for yakiniku is cuz we need energy to get through the week:D