Formula for identity

I think your personality is comprised of the sum of  all the personality of your friends and peers you’ve interacted in your life mixed in the right proportions.
and maybe divide it by the number of friends you have because that would be too much personality.

Same with taste for food, taste for style, interests and creativity.

The more exposure you have to a thing, the more possibility you might like it.

Because you can only love what you know about right?

It’s been a month since I started taking a class at De Anza College, and also my internship.  It’s hard to say in words the things I’m learning but one thing I can say is being exposed to creative things everyday, and challenging myself to see things differently, and break the limit of my creativity is awesome.

I can tell my creative side of the brain is having a party. This is exactly why I chose to switch directions in my career, because my creative side of the brain was a little hungry.

Within that, by looking at many things, and creating art etc., I think I’m starting to slowly create my creative identity….

Anyway, that’s my report on my month! So vague, haha.

Round three: Earl grey flavored waffles. ORGANIC earl grey. 😀

I was going to make it caramel waffles, because i had a plan to make caramel apples, but 15 minutes in making the caramel, I realized that the milk was bad.

I poured too much milk, so when i went to drink the rest it tasted sooo gross. And by the time I realized it tasted gross it was already in my stomach. Eww.

So now I’m left with earl grey waffles, and many apples with sticks in it. fail.

Earl grey waffles are pretty good but not enough earl grey. the quest for good belgian waffles continues…


Round two!

round two waffles with different recipe.
I don’t know why the pearl sugar isn’t doing what I want it to do. It’s supposed to be more grainy and not look like white sesame seeds in my waffles.  It might be because they are “swedish” pearl sugar. I guess I missed that part when I bought them. I guess I better finish using these since I bought two bags of them.. They taste good so o well.

Since pepper ran out of cookies, and the whole house was smelling like waffles, I made a batch of doggie waffles!

No sugar, no salt,no butter. Instead, I put a little bit of peanut butter in it. They smell yummy. I tasted them and they were yummy.

She liked them too!

Waffle maker!!

It’s here!!!! Wooooot!! Pearl sugar on the way with ups man, and then time for some Belgian waffles.
I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!!( since I placed my order at amazon. Haha)

It’s also a sandwich maker so Im excited for that too…. More to come…:)