I went out to my back yard today and found this.

It’s a hole in the concrete, that grows a really nice patch of moss every year, and it makes me super happy for some reason. Hahah I’m a crackhead.

Last year, when I went through a moss phase, i pulled out this patch of moss so I can put in my tiny mossgarden in my cup, and it died really quick.
It’s so hard to keep moss alive inside. The reasons are obvious, but it’s still amazing how nature does it so well even if nothing was done to the hole.

I don’t know why this makes me happy, or think it’s significant enough to go in my blog, but one thing I recently realize more is that I like tiny things.

Kinda cliche, for a tiny asian girl to like tiny things (don’t worry i don’t like hello kitty etc), but i think i like it not because its so tiny an precious and cute (barf) but i like to see things from a different perspective.
Like, when i see this patch of moss, i think of myself as a tiny insect, and think of myself bouncing around in it. Wee!

Ironically, its kinda paralell to my slogan for this blog that I made up in like 2 seconds..

Sometimes, Josh squats down to my eye level and says “wow, this is how you see the world. That’s crazy.” and this makes me think being short isn’t all that bad.

I think this is going to be one of the themes in my portfolio when I get to it. I have many ideas to develop this, and I’m excited!

Maybe then I should name it “tiny everything!” after family guy.(just kidding) Reference:


Happy New Year

WordPress sent me an email saying how I did in blogging last year, and it made me realize it hasn’t even been a year since i started this blog. O_o. Apparently my stats are good for my first year but at the same time I’m not sure if they would say “your year of blogging sucked”. haha. I still don’t like how you have to sign up to leave comments. o well whatever it’s mostly for my own satisfaction anyway.



I was watching TV and they were saying all the celebrities aren’t dong new years resolution because you should be able to do it if you want it even without new years resolution.

I kind of agree,,, but at the same time, what’s wrong with letting New Years Day be a point where you stop and think? Here comes a new year, until next year, what will I want to focus my thoughts on?

otherwise its like eating really good fettuccine Alfredo just by itself. You know it’s good, but it’s easier to start forgetting how good it is.

This year, my new years resolution is to learn more about design, and be able to make a portfolio.
A year is probably not enough but I want to have something to start with.
I might go to school again?

Oh, I also started an internship (yep again)!

Cheers to a new year–