ecards pros and con

I’m usually not good at sending christmas cards, but this year I decided to send as much as I can, by using an greeting card service.

I really liked how you can procrastinate, and how the cards can be personalized, and also fun because they are animated, and it’s easy, and even if you paid for them it’s probably comparable price to the actual cards. Big plus: they’re eco friendly.

I really really liked all that, but 2 more hours left of Christmas, I realized I overlooked some cons.
They can be sent to junk mail. Also, I think there’s more room for mistakes and errors in the sending process.

I had most of it set to send me notice that they opened it, but I haven’t received opened mail for at least 5 people that I can think of off the top of my head..

I’m not sure now what I will do next year?
Maybe I’ll just go back to my lazy self and not write at all?
Haha. O well I guess I’ll have to think about it again in about 11 months…

Merry Christmas!


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