recent project: FedEx Truck

My recent project: Miniature fedex truck. It started out as a conversation with my friend eLo, and then i secretly started working on it so that he can have it for his cat to ride in. As any science major would, I started out with a plan.

I made a blue print of it

Then a model of a model

Then an excel chart for scaling conversions,

Then Started to make the actual thing.

Yes.I totally went ALL out on my nerdiness.

Then I realized all the pieces of cardboard I had was already cut in a convenient width, so I basically made the thing not following my blueprint, model, nor my excel sheet. haha. Plans are made to be broken.

End Result:

Anyway so happy with it, ESPECIALLY the pictures I got from him with his cats in it!!

Material: Cardboard, glue, paper, Spray paint, and cat. no tires so its cat- friendly.

Oh, and funny part… I went to fedex to print out the fedex logo.. haha


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