Mini year-end break Part2

Since Pepper was home yesterday, my mom and I decided to take her somewhere a little special.
We took her to one of my favorite places I found when I went to college in Santa Cruz.

Nice secluded beach, beautiful scenery, and fresh ocean air. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be born on Earth. And even luckier to live a short distance to such a pretty place, and be born in a time and place to have the leisure of enjoying a random drive to the ocean.

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2010 has been a crazy year for me. So many good things, but also many really difficult times.
It’s sometimes hard to think this but I really am thankful for everything. In many years, I will look back to this year and think,”DANG!!! 2010 was CRAAAAZY!!! ” and I will have used the experiences as my solid stepping stone, towards a bright future. That’s my plan, and goal for 2011 and on!

Another thing today made me remember was that Pepper also had her 2nd surgery this year.
Her legs are really strong now, and being able to go to these places and have a good time with her is truly a blessing. She will be 11 next February, and I really hope she will live a loong and happy life.

Thank you every one of you who have been a part of my life this year, no matter how far or close you have made my year unforgettable!!!


Mini year-end break Part1

The company has a mini-break for the end of the year, so we went and took 2 mini-day trips.

Yesterday, my parents and I went to San Francisco to go to the California Academy of Science, but gave up after a long traffic through the park and seeing the endless line to get in.
So instead, we went to eat at my favorite restaurant there.
Peruvian food @ Fresca So good. super resommend.

Then went to an ice cream place that I’ve always wanted to go to, and tried their baked banana, salted caramel, honey lavender, and their rum raisin (forgt the name). Pretty good.
bi-rite creamery

Then somehow headed to halfmoon bay and bought crabs and prawns.

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Hmmm… All we did was eat..!

ecards pros and con

I’m usually not good at sending christmas cards, but this year I decided to send as much as I can, by using an greeting card service.

I really liked how you can procrastinate, and how the cards can be personalized, and also fun because they are animated, and it’s easy, and even if you paid for them it’s probably comparable price to the actual cards. Big plus: they’re eco friendly.

I really really liked all that, but 2 more hours left of Christmas, I realized I overlooked some cons.
They can be sent to junk mail. Also, I think there’s more room for mistakes and errors in the sending process.

I had most of it set to send me notice that they opened it, but I haven’t received opened mail for at least 5 people that I can think of off the top of my head..

I’m not sure now what I will do next year?
Maybe I’ll just go back to my lazy self and not write at all?
Haha. O well I guess I’ll have to think about it again in about 11 months…

Merry Christmas!

recent project: FedEx Truck

My recent project: Miniature fedex truck. It started out as a conversation with my friend eLo, and then i secretly started working on it so that he can have it for his cat to ride in. As any science major would, I started out with a plan.

I made a blue print of it

Then a model of a model

Then an excel chart for scaling conversions,

Then Started to make the actual thing.

Yes.I totally went ALL out on my nerdiness.

Then I realized all the pieces of cardboard I had was already cut in a convenient width, so I basically made the thing not following my blueprint, model, nor my excel sheet. haha. Plans are made to be broken.

End Result:

Anyway so happy with it, ESPECIALLY the pictures I got from him with his cats in it!!

Material: Cardboard, glue, paper, Spray paint, and cat. no tires so its cat- friendly.

Oh, and funny part… I went to fedex to print out the fedex logo.. haha