Just watched a TED lecture on this guy who broke the record for holding his breath. He held it for like 17 min!
As I was watching this, the whole time, I thought, what nonsense. Risking your life and health to achieve just a record that doesn’t help the world in any way other than it makes ppl say wow.
But by the end of the video I was a little inspired. The way this guy worked for it and achieved it is really respectable.

Recently, I started learning programming, which at this point , is frustrating because it’s like learning another language. I feel like I’m pretty motivated and fired up for this since I spend a pretty good chunk of time and effort for it. But my effort is NOThing compared to this guy. And, when I think about it, what I’m trying to learn and achieve isn’t going to save the world in anyway either. I’m not gonna save any life by coding, nor will I help cut down on some carbon dioxide. If anything I’ll prob add to it haha.

This world is so full of nonsense, how funny.

My point? .. I rarely have one, haha.
I think I’m just trying to encourage myself to work harder towards achieving the ultimate nonsenseness


One thought on “nonsense

  1. Yes, there is a great deal of nonsense in this world but if you can balance our nonsense with good stuff I think it is okay.

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