haupia Sweet potato pie

Since I work for home, and don’t have a real day off, and I’m still wanting to do Thanksgiving-y things such as shopping, and cooking etc., I am just extra busy!

Today I made one of the most important part of the Thanksgiving dinner,,, Dessert!

Thanksgiving dessert is typically pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie, but I decided to make a super different one. What the heck. It’s one I’ve made it before and it’s a SUPER awesome recipe and looks crazy! so I wanted to upload it. Enjoy~

oh, the pie is… haupia(coconut) Purple yam cheesecake. It doesn’t really taste like cheese cake but its really really really gooodd.

mixing up the ingredients…

Put it in the crust,


making the coconut topping

fluff fluff… and done!

These guys are going to aya for adoption.

I have two more for adoption if u wanna pick up~


Happy Thanksgiving!!



Just watched a TED lecture on this guy who broke the record for holding his breath. He held it for like 17 min!
As I was watching this, the whole time, I thought, what nonsense. Risking your life and health to achieve just a record that doesn’t help the world in any way other than it makes ppl say wow.
But by the end of the video I was a little inspired. The way this guy worked for it and achieved it is really respectable.

Recently, I started learning programming, which at this point , is frustrating because it’s like learning another language. I feel like I’m pretty motivated and fired up for this since I spend a pretty good chunk of time and effort for it. But my effort is NOThing compared to this guy. And, when I think about it, what I’m trying to learn and achieve isn’t going to save the world in anyway either. I’m not gonna save any life by coding, nor will I help cut down on some carbon dioxide. If anything I’ll prob add to it haha.

This world is so full of nonsense, how funny.

My point? .. I rarely have one, haha.
I think I’m just trying to encourage myself to work harder towards achieving the ultimate nonsenseness