I found a new blog that makes me happy…

Written by a dad that makes pancakes for his daughter.

Everything about this is cute and makes u fuzzy and warm inside.
Haha i know, cheesy but look at it and u’ll see….
Jim’s Pancakes

and one more….
Thanks to Josh, I’m addicted to this song.. haha


The wedding planning begins…

Woah, so cold all the sudden. Autumn is here! I got a bomber jacket i’ve been wanting to get for a long time, and it was supposed to be perfect for semi cold weather but tonight was too cold for it already!
Come on weather, slow down a little.

Started wedding planning…! Looking for venues but it’s a lot of work!
I think it’s gonna take a good chunk of my time, and I need to take it a little more seriously than now, since I’m not getting anywhere! I’m sure this blog will be a blog all about weddings soon… sorri bare with me for one year…