it starts with small things…

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Going to the Arctic was a really good experience for me. I got to see with my own eyes what it’s like up in the arctic, and learn and feel what it’s all about. Not only did the experience of seeing amazing animals in the wild really open up my eyes to the preciousness of wildlife, but standing in the middle of nowhere, riding amongst pack ice, talking to people that’s been all over the world, is really really a different experience from picking up a book on the arctic or watching the discovery channel.
Like, for example, seeing a picture of the glacier, you can’t tell how big it is, or if its like that everywhere in the arctic. For me, I honestly thought its going to be ice, ice, ice everywhere, but instead I was constantly surprised how little ice there are, until you go to the areas where there are lots of calvings etc. I really learned how much ice has dissipated over the years, and that the earth is about to really eat some major poop.

There was one thing that really made me think on the trip that I want to share on my blog. Trash.
My cruise was an expedition trip, and ofcourse, going to the arctic so it supports the environment and stuff. And preserving the wildlife, not picking up anything, not leaving anything, etc. was a big thing. But one day, someone saw an employee throwing bags of trash overboard into the ocean. I’m not really sure what the deal was but I think the ship and the crew was owned by a different company, or it might have been an individual decision or I don’t know. Anyways, when I found out I felt sick to my stomach, because being on the ship kind of means I’m supporting that. And before I went on the cruise, Alex told me that that’s how most cruise ships do things. But I didn’t believe him because if you work on the ocean, don’t you want to protect it?
Even after coming home, I’ve really started to notice how ignorant the world is to the problem of trash. And trust me, I’m guilty of it. I know I don’t recycle as much as I should, and I know I forget my reusable grocery bags most of the time. I know.
But at the same time, I see people that throws gum wrapper, can, or cigarette box/budd, instead of walking over 5 steps to the trash can or putting it in the purse to put in their trash at home, they just toss it on the ground. I feel like, before they are “ignorant”, they just simply don’t know what the problem is.
I think most people don’t know of the Pacific Trash vortex, (“The patch extends over a very wide area, with estimates ranging from an area the size of the state of Texas to one larger than the continental United States; however, the exact size is unknown-wikipedia”.)
I think most people don’t know that trash that you throw on the ground of San Jose can end up in the ocean. Most people don’t know that they are killing lives by these small actions.
I think the biggest of all, most people don’t know that we live on an amazing planet and there are beautiful places and wildlife that we want to protect.
I know I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to see a small portion of these things, and I really want my grandkids to some day be able to experience it too, and I don’t really have the right to take that away from them.
If you already think about these things, awesome, and sorry to waste your time on such basics, I know that there are even bigger problems out there and it doesn’t end there, but I realized people are simply not informed, and awareness starts with really little things like… a blog entry.
So, if you care about anyone or anything on this earth, your family, your friend, your dog, your pet caterpillar whatever, would you go over to their house/habitat and throw trash on their floor?

I hope you think about it the next time you toss that coke can.


One thought on “it starts with small things…

  1. Great pictures.
    The amount of trash in the ocean and damage that it does is so awful. Most people are unaware. Education is the key.

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