Wrap up

Ug it’s been so long I don’t know where to start.
I got toooo busy!
The temp job at the aquarium is over now. It went by real fast, and I miss it.
I learned so much, and as always I enjoyed it, and although physically demanding, it’s really probably the funnest job in the world(if you like to work with animals,that is).
At the same time, during the whole time I haven’t been updating, I had some chances to think, and I decided I want to study web design again on this break that I’m given.
I’m a goal oriented person, and I need a goal, and I couldn’t quite see the next step if I kept on going on the way I am.
So, for the next year, I’m going to study study study and I want to be able to be confident web designer, and have or be able to put together a portfolio.

Oh, and Also, I went to the arctic! At first, I was so nervous, and overwhelmed with all the getting ready to go, WHILE I’m in a temp job, but it was all worth it.
It was sooo beautiful, we were SOOO lucky with animals (Polar bears, muskox, caribou, arctic hare, walruses, belugas, killer whales, and NARWHALS!!!!) It was a great experience and a great opportunity to get out of your normal routine and really think about things out of perspective.
My translation/assistant position was a little difficult at first but I think I managed, and did the best I could.
I really hope she had a great time, not only because it was my job, but because I really did, and I appreciate her for it.
Pics to come later!

Oh, and also, I got engaged! so another goal is wedding planning:) . and teaching and motivating(I REALLY dont enjoy this part) my fiance to learn Japanese before my relatives come visit.

Ok, so that’s a real quick summary of whats been going on. Post pics, and more stuff later…..I promise


One thought on “Wrap up

  1. Someone has been busy. Congrats again (to both of you) on your engagement.
    Good luck on the web design.

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