1 month!

Today is officially one month since I started~!

Looking back at the month, I have gone through so much already.
The first two and a half weeks, I felt really uncomfortably new, and by the end of the two and a half weeks, I was starting to kind of get stressed out because I’m still not comfortable with everything I did. I already worked in more than 10 different exhibits with different sets of people, and it was difficult to feel completely comfortable with any one area since I wasn’t there for long enough.
I think after that 2.5 weeks, I started thinking, hey, I’m here, and I need to stop worrying about if I know how to do everything, or try to impress anyone, and should really worry about getting everything I can from this great experience while I AM here.
I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but after that it has been so much laid back and fun.

After one month, I’m still learning something new everyday, and when u flip it around, how awesome is that? There’s so much to learn here and I’m probably going to be learning something new even till the last day.

1.5 months left(because of the cruise) πŸ™‚

I’m going whale watching tomorrow~ the krill are here so supposed to be really good!


2 thoughts on “1 month!

  1. Glad to hear everything is getting better. πŸ™‚
    Just enjoy the time you have there and soak everything in. It’ll be September before you know it. Chu.

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