Visit to california academy of science, and visitors at MBA

Yesterday I went to the California academy of science for the first time since the remodeling. for free!:D

I got some tickets through the aquarium and I was going to sf to pick josh up, so I was like How perfect would it be…
So glad i finally made it.
It was really cool, i like their exhibits (makes me want to start working in exhibits department) some cool animals… a fun time.

It was funny, right when i pointed my camera at the turkey vulture it posed for me… and waited in that position until i was satisfied.

Today was my Monday, and Gary came to the aqarium-. I had fun showing them around although I felt bad for being in such a rush, but I hope they had a great time at the aquarium:). It was kind of the first time showing ppl behind the scenes on my own so it was exciting.

Today and yesterday, I watched ppl’s faces light up with wonder and excitement when they looked at exhibits etc., and it made me think about where I started. I started to pursue this job from the small things that really amazed me at aquariums. Even though I am in a temporary status, I am fortunate to be able to be part of inspiring about ocean and conservation, and I want to work my rest of my term without forgetting that feeling.

A little cheesy, i kno. :p
the end


2 thoughts on “Visit to california academy of science, and visitors at MBA

  1. Making a difference is what it’s all about. And you’re definitely doing that, AND you’re good at it!

    And yeah, going to the Cal Academy was super awesome! So glad we went.

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